Collections by Arché are characterized by creative and quality fabrics completely Made in Italy. At the basis of the design there is the constant search for innovation and new trends that respond to the needs of a constantly evolving market: that of women’s fashion. The production makes use of the collaboration of the best partners available in the area in terms of dyeing and finishing.


fabrics for clothing

italian design, international trends

The inspiration to create new fabrics comes directly from the street, observing the end users of our products and what they need. We combine this concrete inspiration with a more poetic part, the soul of our collections, by participating in the main Trend Forecasting events organized in Europe. A mix of innovation and poetry: this is how the fabrics for shirts, trousers and outerwear that are part of the Arché collections are developed.

sustainable fashion collection

compliant with environmental standards

Sustainability is a theme that touches us closely and to which we pay particular attention in every phase of our work: from the design to the creation of the collections. A part of our textile production is GOTS certified and scrupulously respects eco-sustainability regulations and specifications required by the major brands with which we collaborate. On request we can also produce fabrics according to the BCI standard.


spring/summer collection

The collection of spring/summer proposals dedicated to women’s clothing is a strength of our company. Particularly appreciated in Italy and abroad, the fabrics of the summer collection are characterized in part by items created with natural fibers, cottons or well-structured linens, with weaves and finishes that enhance their purity.
The summer collection also includes blends obtained with the use of viscose crepe and rayon treated with finishes that enhance the drapery and fluidity. The weights touched range from the shirt/dress to the trench coat passing through an important selection of trousers.

spring/summer proposals

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autumn/winter collection

In our winter collections for women’s fashion we develop items that go from the weight of the dress to the weight of the outerwear. The types of articles mainly appreciated are combed wool mix enhanced with innovative treatments, cottons with warm, frosted, resin-coated and chintz finishes. Last but not least the draped articles but with winter touch obtained with enzyme of rayon fiber and viscose treated in tumbler.

autumn/winter proposals

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