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The sustainability of the fashion industry is an issue that we can no longer ignore. For this reason, over the years, we have decided to embark on a path made of greater changes and attention towards the planet, to become an increasingly environmentally friendly reality. Our commitment translates into the study of new technologies and processes and the acquisition of the green certifications most requested by end consumers and international fashion brands.


arché: eco-friendly textile industry

Our environmental sensitivity begins within the company, where we have eliminated disposable plastic cups and bottles in favor of glass. We only use recycled paper, even during the fairs we take part in around the world, and our collections are shipped in branded cardboard boxes. The latter feature now distinguishes the Arché brand in the industry.

sustainable fabric production

constantly evolving

We produce fabrics created with fibers from GOTS certified organic farming. We are also active in the largest cotton sustainability program in the world, BCI. Our path to becoming an eco-friendly textile industry is constantly evolving. We only work with certified partners who, like us, are committed to a “green” future for the entire fashion industry. The entire production chain is therefore controlled: from raw materials to the finished product.

As well as a duty, we are convinced that attention to the environment is a great opportunity for the sector, which we do not want to miss.

With Consorzio Detox for a sustainable production

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In 2022 we signed the Detox Commitment, promoted by Greenpeace, joined the Consorzio Italiano Implementazione Detox (CID). Together with a group of textile’s companies, we collaborate to develop sustainable processes with the aim of removing dangerous substances along the production path and developing circular production processes. We are also committed to supporting the traceability of the textile supply chain, showing how our sector can be truly sustainable, without sacrificing the Made in Italy’s quality and reliability.

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Global Organic Textile Standard

For our fabrics we use natural fibers from organic farming, which have passed rigorous evaluation and monitoring processes throughout the production chain, up to the finished product.

Consorzio Detox

The commitment of Consorzio Italiano Implementazione Detox, launched by a Greenpeace campaign, aims to eliminate from clothing toxic substances for people and the environment, making the fashion sector sustainable.

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